Low-voltage Security Cameras in Ann Arbor, MI

Installing security cameras in your business allows you to have constant monitoring of your property even if you are not in it. Seeing what is happening inside your business from anywhere through your cell phone is a great time saver and gives you absolute practicality and peace of mind.

Low-voltage cabling refers to an electrical network base over which digital technology and communications equipment operate efficiently and consistently.  Commercial buildings often contain complex cabling systems, such as network data, telephone and Wi-Fi access, high-definition video systems, and computer networking systems. All of these components require a cabling network separate and apart from standard electrical wiring.

Some of the most common applications for low voltage systems would be:

Security and surveillance: Low-voltage cabling is crucial for mapping out a security or surveillance routing. For example, the wiring will be routed to areas where video cameras, motion sensors, and alarms are implemented.

Wi-Fi: Today, almost every device in the office has some form of Wi-Fi capability. Low-voltage cabling is used to install complete Wi-Fi networks.

Cable: The need for cable in commercial structures is more significant than ever. With more and more businesses using video and audio equipment and subscribing to cable programming, low-voltage cable is valuable and cost-effective to install and use.

Choose Low-Voltage Wiring for Your Business

Low voltage security cameras are versatile, allowing outdoor security camera systems away from power outlets. In addition, the amount of cables used or required for operation is minimal and makes the installation more discreet.

Low voltage cabling is so popular because it uses less electricity to power all the technologies to power video, voice, and data communications, allowing the new structure to be more efficient, state-of-the-art, and competitive. At Petrone Solutions, we install the low voltage wiring necessary for the installation of your security system. 

Petrone Solutions Guarantee the Best

Our security camera experts can provide efficient services because they are experienced in low voltage installations for different companies. We ensure that low-voltage installations do not cause friction with standard electrical installations, regardless of their magnitude.If you’re looking for a security system company in Ann Arbor, MI to handle the installation in your business.

We offer you a safe, low voltage installation that is organized, reliable, and functional for your house. We make it safe and effective for you.

Secure your home or business today. We’ll design a solution according to your needs.