Low Voltage Security Systems For Your Home

Many of today’s homeowners can’t envision a home without high-speed internet and Wi-fi. Low voltage wiring is a side product of modern business digitization. Computers, internet access, and security cameras all require low-voltage wiring. 

At Petrone Solutions, we install low-voltage wiring needed for your security system installation. This kind of wiring is more fragile, but our experts have the experience required to install it without causing any damage.

Low Voltage Wiring In a Nutshell

The infrastructure on which low voltage wiring operates is called structured cabling. A structured wiring system is built on a separate network from most of a home’s wiring. In most cases, the home’s primary electrical system is installed first, followed by the low voltage wiring. You can’t pull low voltage wiring the same way you pull electrical wires.

Low voltage wiring is very fragile. Rough handling can damage it, pulling out the twist and affecting cable performance. Another essential thing to note is that low voltage wire, such as fiber optic cable, can’t bend at a 90-degree angle. If you need to turn it in a different direction, you’ll have to perform a loop.

What Are The Advantages?

Low-voltage security cameras are multi-functional. One of the advantages of this wiring system is that security cameras don’t need to be installed close to the power supply. This allows the installation of outdoor security camera systems far from working outlets. Also, the amount of cables and accessories needed is minimal, making the installation discreet.

Secure Your Home With Petrone Solutions

At Petrone Solutions, we are dedicated to our clients. We offer comprehensive solution packages based on each clients’ requirements and budgets while guaranteeing the best customer service. When investing in a home security system in Royal Oak, Michigan, it’s crucial to find one that offers quality and reliability. 

We are proud to offer a very competitive pricing structure for our high-quality services to keep your home safe and secure. Our dedicated team of security experts is committed to the ongoing improvement and diversification of security services we provide to our clients. 

Through our commitment to high standards, our goal is to become Michigan’s trusted security solutions company. 

Secure your home or business today. We’ll design a solution according to your needs.