A camera security system is a vital component if you want to keep your properties, belongings, or loved ones safe. Who doesn’t like to keep safe what is most valuable? Getting the ideal solution will help you keep your peace of mind and acquire your home security system, especially when the property crime rate increases every year.


Essentially, the home security system is closed-circuit television (CCTV), meaning this is a video surveillance recorder. The system has some lenses, in this case, cameras recording in real-time. A signal is transmitted to storage, and the footage can be accessed and reproduced through a monitor. It could also be a PC or as simple as a smartphone, basically most devices with an internet connection. 


There are two different types of surveillance systems, and in this article, we will look into how they work.

Analog Home Security System

The first one is the analog home security system; in this kind of system, the analog camera consists of a digital signal processing chip (DSP) and a housing. The camera is connected directly to the video recorder, creating footage of the activities by capturing the image through their lens. 


Camera security systems offer a wide array of attributes such as CVR, also known as continuous video recording; it lets you record continuously 24/7. Another worth mentioning feature is the active motion, which will notify your device if some activity is detected and recorded. The video gets transferred by transmission cords from the camera to the DVR (digital video recorder); the main part is compressing the film and saving it to a hard disk drive while converting it to a digital format.

Network Home Security System

The other home security system comprises network security cameras; the difference is that each gadget is in charge of doing all the DVR work; we could state that each camera has its intelligence, capturing, processing, and saving its storage.

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