Low Voltage Wiring

Low-voltage wiring in the commercial world

Low-voltage wiring in the commercial world is a side product of modern business digitization. Computers, internet access, and security cameras, all need low-voltage wiring.

Low-voltage holds less power than you would typically find in your average wall outlet. They run on an infrastructure known as structured cabling, which is separate from the conventional wiring. At Petrone Solutions, we install low-voltage wiring needed for your security system installation. This kind of wiring is more fragile, but we have the needed expertise to install it without damaging or destroying it.

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Low-voltage security cameras are multi-functional. One of the advantages of this wiring system is that cameras don’t need to be installed close to the power supply.

This allows the installation of outdoor security cameras systems far from working outlets. Also, the amount of cables and accessories needed is small and makes the installation discreet.

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